Outsourcing medical billing has many benefits, which include:

  • Saves you money
  • Improves cash flow
  • Improves on collection rates
  • Less medical billing and coding errors
  • Frees up front office staff’s time
  • Improves patient care ratings
  • Processes medical claims faster
  • And so much more

Ideally, all medical billing services are the same. Sadly, they are not. Many medical billing services frankly don’t know what they are doing, or they are severely understaffed and poorly managed to help their clients. Let’s face it, understanding and implementing medical billing and coding is a specialized knowledge and skill — one which takes years to master and diligent training to keep up with.

Comprehensive Healthcare Revenue Management (CHRM) is a medical billing company that can help your healthcare practice. We specialize in oncology medical billing and orthopedic medical billing, as well as physician billing, free standing emergency services billing, and hospital billing. We are here to maximize your revenue cycle so you get the most processed claims back efficiently, quickly, and paid. If you’re looking for the best medical billing service, we are it. Below, we’ll go into a bit more detail about why you should choose us as your medical billing service. Contact us today to learn more!

Should My Practice Be Using a Medical Billing Service?

This is ultimately a question for you to answer. That being said, CHRM offers a free audit of your medical billing services and processes in order to determine if your healthcare practice could benefit from outsourced medical services. Some physicians are doing perfectly well with their medical billing, while others are floundering and need help. A lot of this depends on your staff.

When you outsource medical billing services, you will gain a partner who can help you improve your cash flow and help to lighten your load just a bit.

What is the Advantage to Using a Medical Billing Service?

Expertise. It may seem simple that we here at CHRM can give a one-word answer to something that can be complicated, such as medical billing and coding. However, it is that simple. When you partner with us for your outsourced medical billing services, you are partnering with a medical billing company who is on the forefront of the industry. With our guiding values of transparency, honesty, integrity, and excellence, we bring professionalism, high-quality work, and a streamlined process to help you ultimately be more profitable and provide a better patient care experience.

When your world is about saving lives, we’ll do the work of saving your revenue cycle’s life.

Why Should I Choose CHRM Over Another Medical Billing Service?

Besides our guiding values of honesty, integrity, excellence, and transparency, we bring a focus energy to our work. All of our customers are our top priority. We work very closely with our clients so that we understand their practice, their patients, and their needs, and then we meet those needs and more. We do our best to streamline your processes and implement other time-saving tools when we recognize opportunities. Our mission is to help you succeed; when you succeed, we do, too.

In addition to this, we bring a personal touch to our medical billing company. We try to make sure your office has the same contacts with CHRM for any issues and begins to get to know our medical billing staff as an extended part of your practice. Call us today!