Should My Practice Be Using a Medical Billing Service?

As with any decision made in your medical practice, you should always do a cost analysis. In doing this, your company should look at the following items:
• Billing Staff Cost
• Software/Hardware Cost, Claim Processing Cost
• Percentage of Billings Collected
• 120+ Insurance Balance Write Offs
• Patient Collection Ratio
CHRM offers a free one time audit of your costs in-house versus our medical billing service fees as a part of our initial proposals.

What is the advantage to using a Medical Billing Service?

The two main things that CHRM offers is collaborative experience and expertise brought together in one place to create a comprehensive and efficient medical billing process and economy of scale. Simply put, CHRM can afford to hire highly skilled individuals to oversee every step of the medical billing process and are able to provide ongoing training to our staff that is difficult to match with in-house billing due to budgetary limitations.

Why should I choose CHRM over another Medical Billing Service?

Here at CHRM we survive on our reputation for being a successful, honest, and transparent medical billing company that understands that without the physician’s success we do not exist. We are looking to establish long term clients who we not only help with their current and past A/R, but are participating as a part of each practice and helping with feedback to help each of their leadership teams grow a healthier practice.

In addition to this, we bring a personal touch to our company. We try to make sure your office has the same contacts with our company for any issues and begins to get to know our staff as an extended part of your practice.