Transparency is CHRM’s mission! As your medical billing partner, we strive to provide a modern and refined take at revenue cycle management. The key value we add is providing transparency into your billing. We want our clients to know how their practice is performing and what we are doing to sustain a positive revenue cycle. We have the experts to take on your entire revenue cycle process. If you are unsatisfied with your current billing and collections, reach out to the experts today!

Our team of billing specialists have the experience to improve your bottom line and positively impact profitability. CHRM wants medical practices, physician leaders, hospitals and all other healthcare organizations to work with us because they choose to not because they are locked in a long-term contract. Our contracts are intended to provide an easy 90-day out. This is intended to allow our work do our talking for us. Avoiding long-term contracts is another way to instill trust in our prospective clients.

Additionally, we are not a billing software company, nor are we tied to any one system. This allows you to keep your EHR in place and avoid a system change. If your current system is not the best fit, we will work with you to prospect other systems and find the best match! We have real people putting eyes on your claims. We believe that having a team of experts with years of experience in billing and coding provide the best billing services. By the time your claim is submitted to insurance, it has been reviewed by multiple members of our team. This accountability reduces the chance of error and improves clean claim rates. All meaning you will get the money that you earned faster!

Comprehensive Healthcare Revenue Management is guided by the tenets of transparency, honesty, integrity, and excellence in all of the services that we offer our clients, including outsourced medical billing. Our mission is to maximize your revenue cycle management through constantly striving for efficiencies in our processes, keeping abreast of the latest healthcare changes, and investing in our billing and coding staff by providing them with comprehensive training. We want you to not worry at all about medical billing in your healthcare practice, and instead to allow us to help you. When you partner with us, you’ll receive the best customer care in the business. Contact us today to get started!