If you’ve been in the healthcare industry for any amount of time, you’ve probably experienced problems with coding. Coding is challenging and requires extensive training in order to be able to perform medical coding services well.

CHRM knows the obstacles and difficulties involved in finding and retaining experienced coders. By assigning each of our vetted, experienced coders to your account, we take away the stress of recruitment. Our expert coders continually receive training and are tested so that they can ensure accuracy in their work and lead to a smooth revenue cycle for your organization.

At CHRM, our certified coders can verify your claims or code them entirely for you. We also offer claim audits to verify that your coding team is performing at a standard industry level. We can improve your clean claim rate and make sure you are coding as accurately as possible.

When you partner with CHRM, you’ll be getting top-notch medical coders who understand your medical practice and its needs. Guided by transparency, honesty, integrity, and excellence, CHRM offers the best in outsourced medical coding. Contact us today to get started!