Physicians have huge responsibilities every day, namely the fact that their patients are putting their lives in their hands. It’s a heavy responsibility, but one that the physician has agreed to when he or she made the decision to practice medicine. However, that doesn’t mean it’s still not a heavy burden to bear.

Trust is paramount to a good doctor/patient relationship. And, as we all know, it takes time to build trust. Spending time chatting to your patient about the weather, their lives, and their needs is time well spent and, honestly, time that cannot be curtailed. When a physician feels pressure to squeeze this time, patient care falls. One heavy responsibility that can put pressure on physicians is medical billing.

Medical billing is how physicians get paid. The process involves submitting their bills (or claims) to insurance companies and awaiting payment for services rendered. Most physicians can’t work pro bono their entire lives; they have families to feed as well as the families of their staff members. Medical billing, behind patient care, is very important to the viability of a physician’s office.

Comprehensive Healthcare Revenue Management (CHRM) is a physician medical billing expert. By letting us handle your medical billing needs, you don’t have to worry about insurance companies, processing claims, dealing with denials, or resubmitting medical claims due to errors. We put all of our resources behind your practice, so the relationships you have with your patients never diminish. Patient care should be your number one concern, not patient billing. CHRM offers transparency in every aspect of your revenue cycle and excellence in all of our services. We provide monthly reports so you can see exactly how we’re doing. We manage your patients’ accounts and take care of all payments. When you outsource your physician billing to CHRM, we promise top-notch service. Contact us today to begin!

Comprehensive Healthcare Revenue Management understands that the key to a successful practice comes from a predictable, consistent revenue cycle. Having a centralized team based approach where each aspect of the revenue cycle is given attention by trained experts and management benefits our clients every step of the way. CHRM serves physician groups, solo practices and independent practice associations (IPA’s).

Each one of our valued clients receives a tailored plan based on what their goals and needs are. CHRM offers front-end office advice and places an emphasis in educating office staff on patient engagement, information collection, coding and filing errors, and other continuous education that allows the physician billing cycle run more efficiently. This lowers the frequency of denied or underpaid claims allowing us to cut costs. CHRM works on many practice management (PM) software platforms. CHRM can continue working on the platform that you prefer or make a recommendation of a software program that fits your model more accurately.

At CHRM, transparency is what we preach. CHRM offers its clients customizable reports and extensive data analytics to demonstrate where clients are operating efficiently and where there is room for improvement. Our expertise allows us to identify trends and patterns that are used to predict recurring issues before they happen. Conveying those issues to our clients ahead of time gives them the notice they need to make corrections and resolve issues more quickly. CHRM prides itself in creating partnerships with its clients and building the trust through delivering excellent service.