Comprehensive Healthcare Revenue Management has the experts in place to maneuver through the ever-changing healthcare market. Hospital revenue cycle management presents specific challenges and obstacles that other service lines do not. This unique environment requires hospitals to streamline tasks which clog throughput by assisting with patient access, prior authorization, scheduling, effective coding, and prompt AR follow.

Our services navigate the complex maze of today’s healthcare financial optimization requirements and help achieve optimum reimbursement effectively. As your partner in revenue cycle management, CHRM brings a team of over 50 dedicated revenue cycle management specialists with years of careful and insightful attention to the specific details of your healthcare delivery requirements. Our work flows are customizable and tailored to your specific needs. We begin as early as front end guidance for a client’s front office staff to fighting for your claims with different payers.

We ensure maximum efficiency throughout the revenue cycle and keep you connected throughout it all. With the help of our data analytics tools, our experience in working with in-network vs out of network payers and our deep understanding of payment proposal and appeal processes, we are able to provide excellent services to our clients in this specialized field.