Usually, the last place you want to go is the emergency room. You hope and pray your emergency occurs during urgent care hours. But why do you feel this way? Most of us don’t like the emergency rooms for two reasons: 1) it means you have an emergency, which no one likes 2) it’s because you know the wait will be long — which is only exacerbated by it being an emergency.

Enter the Free Standing Emergency Room (FSERs). A FSER is an ER facility that is unaffiliated with any hospital (but can be owned and operated by a hospital) but is licensed by the state to provide 24-hour care, seven days a week, 365 days a year. The staff must be board-certified physicians and nurses, just like a regular emergency room. There must be cardiac life support RNs available, and there must be a plan in place to transfer high-need patients when the need arises.

The benefits of a FSER are many:

  • Access. No one is turned away at an FSER.
  • Quality. FSERs offer the same quality of care as an ER.
  • Convenience. FSERs don’t need a huge space to operate out of like hospitals. They are frequently closer to you with considerably less wait time.
  • Cost. FSERs charge the same as other ERs and accept insurances.
  • Satisfaction. Both patients and doctors are satisfied with the high-quality, more convenient care offered at FSERs

Comprehensive Healthcare Revenue Management offers medical revenue services to FSERs. FSERs have different needs than hospital billing, and CHRM has medical billing specialists dedicated to the particulars of FSERs. FSERs also operate under slightly different rules than regular emergency rooms, which CHRM understands and keeps abreast of any changes in rules or regulations. With typically less staff and resources, FSERs can relieve the burden of medical billing their staff members face when it comes to medical billing issues, rejections, and denials. CHRM also is an oncology billing expert as well as an orthopedic billing expert. CHRM is ready to help. Contact us today!

Comprehensive Healthcare Revenue Management offers a unique, effective and transparent approach to helping our Free Standing Emergency Room clients collect for their services rendered. We understand the unique business model that FSERs present. CHRM knows staying up to date on rules and regulations in this ever changing business model is needed to be ready for new found billing stresses that come with innovation.

We partner with our clients in developing and executing to revenue cycle workflows that are supportive of their business vision in serving their patients. Our work flows are customizable and tailored to your specific needs. We begin as early as front end guidance for a client’s front office staff to fighting for your claims with different payers. We ensure maximum efficiency throughout the revenue cycle and keep you connected throughout it all.

With the help of our data analytics tools, our experience in working with in-network vs out of network payers and our deep understanding of payment proposal and appeal processes, we are able to provide excellent services to our clients in this specialized field.  We believe and have built our solution around performance transparency, so our clients have unparalleled visibility into their revenue cycle performance. CHRM has proven success in FSERs revenue cycle management from years of experience by our team.