Comprehensive Healthcare Revenue Management (CHRM) offers FSERs the best medical billing services. We understand the particular challenges FSERs face, as well as the different services they provide, which makes us more efficient at medical billing and coding. We take our job of maximizing your revenue cycle seriously, and you can bet that we’ll chase down every denial and rejection, and determine the reason why. We are constantly striving for improvements, and when you have a question regarding your medical billing service, give us a call. We love to talk to our clients, gather feedback, and help. Contact us today!

There are many benefits to FSERs, including:

  • Accessibility: No one is turned away.
  • Quality: FSERs offer the same quality of care as an ER.
  • Convenience: Unlike hospital emergency rooms, FSERs don’t require a huge amount of space. They are frequently closer to you with considerably less wait time.
  • Cost: FSERs charge the same as other ERs and accept insurances.
  • Satisfaction. Both patients and doctors are satisfied with the high-quality, more convenient care offered at FSERs.

Comprehensive Healthcare Revenue Management offers a unique, effective, and transparent approach to helping FSERs collect payment for their services rendered. We understand the unique business model that FSERs present, and stay up to date on rules and regulations in this ever-changing business model.

We partner with our clients to develop and execute revenue cycle workflows that are supportive of their unique business vision. Our workflows are customizable and tailored to your specific needs. We ensure maximum efficiency throughout the revenue cycle and keep you connected throughout it all.

With the help of our data analytics tools, our experience in working with in-network vs. out of network payers, and our deep understanding of payment proposal and appeal processes,the medical billing and coding specialists at CHRM are able to provide excellent services to our clients in this specialized field. We have built our solutions around performance transparency, so our clients have unparalleled visibility into their revenue cycle performance. Get in touch now for a free audit!