As we mentioned above, the job of medical billers is crucial to the successful operation of all healthcare providers, from orthopedic surgeons, oncologists, hospitals, and physicians. With medical billing and coding, most doctors offices would not be able to operate — at least to the high standards most of us in the United States enjoy. When you outsource medical billing, you enjoy a worry-free partnership where you can focus on your specialty — patient care — while we focus on ours.

Comprehensive Healthcare Revenue Management (CHRM) offers medical billing and coding services nationwide. We love our healthcare practitioners, and our mission is to make their lives easier through medical billing. We have a dedicated staff that goes above and beyond to deliver exceptional care in our medical revenue services every day. We work diligently to make sure your revenue cycle is maximized in terms of submittal times as well as handling any rejections or denials. If you are looking for the best medical billing company, contact us today!


Process all patient medical claims, including coding.

Medical billing and coding are often lumped together, albeit they are different parts of the medical revenue services. Medical billing is the process of submitting claims and ensuring they are paid. Medical coding refers to the codes each physician service is given, which makes it easier for the insurance company to know exactly what service was provided. This process makes medical billing much more efficient and timely. However, medical codes can change, sometimes yearly, which makes continuing education for medical coding paramount. CHRM ensures our medical billing and coding staff stay up to speed with changes.

A lot goes into medical billing, which any busy medical practice can attest to. From obtaining pre-authorizations for procedures and checking eligibility for treatments to reviewing patient bills for accuracy and calling to get any missing information, a medical billing company definitely doesn’t run out of things to do.

Most of our medical claims are now submitted via specialized billing software. This has made the medical revenue cycle even more efficient. However, the flip side is medical billers have to learn the software program (sometimes multiple programs) and operate it efficiently. Medical coding software has in many ways made our jobs as medical billers easier, as often the program will alert you if an item of information is missing or a code is incorrect. This is helpful, especially when learning a new program or process. But, like all machines and humans for that matter, they are not perfect. That’s why having an experienced and professional medical billing company like CHRM in your back pocket can be life-saving.

Correct medical billing errors, rejected claims, and denials.

Medical billing specialists need to be able to correct their errors satisfactorily, or your mistakes can end your client, which can add up quickly when you’re talking about hundreds, or even thousands of patients if your medical billing for a hospital or free-standing emergency service.

  1. A rejected medical claim is rejected because of medical billing errors. This can be literally dozens of things from transposed numbers, missing information, or incorrect information. It is the job of a medical billing specialist to fix these errors as quickly as possible so the claim can be resubmitted and processed.
  2. A denied medical claim is a claim that the insurance company has determined is unpayable, such as a medical procedure that wasn’t covered as part of the patient’s insurance coverage. A denied claim takes a bit more investigation on the medical billing specialist’s part, but it can be appealed and resubmitted as well.

Correcting medical billing errors that come back denied or rejected is often an area that separates medical billing companies. Top-rated medical billing companies such as CHRM work diligently to get you every penny you are owed. We investigate thoroughly and dive deep until the reason behind the claim or denial is uncovered. We work with our provider’s front office staff to verify insurance information or other pertinent personal information that could have contributed to the claim. We follow up on these medical claims and file our resubmissions quickly. Our goal is to maximize your medical cycle revenue. We’ll let nothing stop us to do so. Other medical billing companies may not go to such lengths; these you should avoid.

Answer questions.

As the best medical billing company, CHRM wants to make sure you know exactly what is happening with our medical billing and coding practices. We are transparent, giving you access to your data whenever you need it. We are honest, even offering a free medical billing assessment to see if we can benefit you or not. We have integrity in all of our professional dealings with our medical practitioners, and we settle for nothing less than excellence. Our medical billing experts can either come to your location or consult by phone to answer any questions you have regarding our services or patient’s information. It’s very beneficial when we understand your staff’s operating procedures, and your staff understands what medical billing does. We welcome calls from patient’s as well, which is often beneficial to your front office staff who often just forward the calls to us anyways.

Have a meticulous eye for details.

Our goal is to have no medical billing errors. While noble, this goal is unattainable. However, instead, we focus all of our attention on improving our processes. At CHRM, we learn from our mistakes, and always ask ourselves how to prevent them in the future. If we need to implement a new software feature, we will. If we need to add a step to our follow-up procedures, we modify. We’re always looking for ways to tighten your revenue cycle process as much as possible, including your recommendations on our medical billing process.


Even if the codes mainly stay the same, that doesn’t mean medical billing does. In fact, leaps and bounds have been made since the advent and adoption of computing technology by the healthcare industry. Now, almost every process and patient note are saved in the cloud somewhere, available for access from almost any electronic device. With the push in medical billing to universal codes, it’s only a matter of time until the medical billing landscape will shrink along with the world.

Comprehensive Healthcare Revenue Management (CHRM) is the best medical billing company. We serve all industries in the healthcare system; however, we specialize in oncology medical billing, orthopedic medical billing, physician medical billing, hospital medical billing, and free standing emergency room medical billing. We believe by you outsourcing your medical billing to a top-notch medical billing and coding company, such as CHRM, you are saving money, time, and reallocating that savings to your patients, both in lower costs and higher patient care. Below, we’ll examine some important trends to watch out for in the medical billing community. Contact us today to get started!


Computer Assisted Coding (CAC)

Computer Assisted Coding is a computer program that will analyze medical services that are imputed and then produce the appropriate medical code to be submitted to the insurance company for payment. Far from replacing the professional person behind medical coding, computer assisted coding uses natural language processing in order to assist medical coding. The software will make suggestions based on what it “sees,” so the medical coder can process claims faster and more efficiently.

Computer assisted coding is especially necessary in this computerized world where almost all medical records are kept in secure online storage services. This system can help increase a medical coders productivity and efficiency. However, being relatively new technology, it is imperative that an experienced medical coding service such as CHRM oversees the implementation of the process because errors are multiple and frequent. This could potentially lead to more work in error correction and re-submittals than it saves if not implemented smartly. Furthermore, CAC software cannot make decisions when there is a questionable code or it could be a couple of codes nor can it follow detailed instructions.

EHR Alignment

Electronic health records (EHR) are now the norm. With sophisticated EHR programs, physicians save hours when they are looking for patient notes and/or records, as well as past history of visits, treatments, and complaints. EHR has made patient care jump in quality standards that haven’t been seen for quite a while.

Previously, doctors and staff would spend a lot of time searching out medical billing codes for procedures — time that could have been better spent attending to patients’ needs. Having the patient’s chart integrated with medical billing software and/or CHC software means you can eliminate this wasted time as the software itself makes suggestions on relevant medical billing codes. This also helps to eliminate errors that are made when doctors, nurses, and/or staff are in a rush (which is usually always, whether you’re in an emergency room or a physician’s office).

When EHR is combined with medical billing systems, the patient’s information automatically populates into the bill that is to be sent off to the insurance company. This not only helps to eliminate medical billing errors, but it eliminates some of the tediousness of the medical billing position. This will most likely lead to higher employee retention for medical billing and coding companies, which of course saves time, effort, and money. CHRM supports the use and the integration of technology that improves the medical billing industry.


Blockchain in the next 10 years will become as well-known of a word as emoji has because the uses for blockchains are as numerous as dust specks on your mantle place. Its power for security is unrivaled and with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and growing patient concerns for their privacy, expect more healthcare providers to begin offering blockchain technology in their practices.

Blockchains will not only enhance patient privacy, but it will also allow for greater flow of patient health information between practices, and it will give patients greater control over their own health history. Hence, when patients switch physicians, they will be able to take their health history and documentation with them instead of making phone call after phone call to different providers in order to have their medical records forwarded. It will also allow patients to know what exactly is in their medical files and give them complete control over their health history — something patients have been pushing for for a while.

Tokens made and provided by blockchain technology will also give physicians more power to quickly sort through dozens if not hundreds or thousands of entries in a patient’s records in a quick and easy way. This will speed up appointment times and diagnosis time, which all contribute to better patient care, which is the goal of most practices.

What’s the impact of blockchain technology on medical billing? With blockchains, fraud is virtually impossible due to its unique security features involved. This is because one ledger will be used for one transaction for example, that has to be verified by an outside source. It is also visible to all, eliminating the secrecy of the medical billing backend.

Value-based care

Value-based care has made a lot of headlines lately, especially with regards to its impact on the medical billing industry. But what exactly is value-based care? Value-based care is where physicians, hospitals, and other medical providers pay based on the quality of patient care, not based on which procedures are performed as has traditionally been the approach. This is usually measured by providing better care for patients at a lower cost to them. This model encourages collaboration between healthcare providers rather than separate decisions being made. Expect to see value-based care (like blockchain) become a household name as the federal government becomes more involved in implementing this across the US healthcare system.

The whole point of value-based care is putting the patient at the center of healthcare services. The goal will be to keep the patient healthy instead of just treating the patient when he or she is sick, which in theory will cost less overall. One example that proponents of value-based healthcare like to use is hospital readmissions. Like the name implies, hospital readmissions is where patients are readmitted to the hospital within 30 days after having been discharged. This costs millions, if not billions of dollars every year, and research has shown that the majority of these readmissions would have been prevented with proper post-discharge instructions and care.


Digital healthcare is here to stay, there is no doubt. The question that remains is how that will impact those in the healthcare industry and those who service the healthcare industry, such as medical billing services.

Comprehensive Healthcare Revenue Management will remain on the forefront of the changes in the medical billing industry. We keep abreast of all changing technologies and invest in ongoing training for all of our medical billing staff and support team. We believe in bringing the best in medical billing services to our clients, which we do by upholding our values of transparency, honesty, integrity, and excellence. We use our decades of collective medical billing service experience and expertise to help you maximize your revenue cycle management. When we help you by shouldering the immense burden of medical billing, you’ll improve patient care and change lives.

As virtual care grows (the care of patients via the Internet), which is best known as telehealth services, CHRM will be there for those changing codes and medical billing as well. Telehealth will bring in a whole new set of rules, which can change state-to-state. CHRM promises to be on the forefront of these changes as well for both the patients and the healthcare providers who will probably be confused on which services are covered and which aren’t.

Medical billing services will continue to grow as more physicians, such as oncologists and orthopedics, and healthcare providers realize the benefits of outsourcing medical billing. CHRM is poised to grow along with our clients. We intend to maintain the same standard of care we’ve always provided and adhere to the best medical billing practices.

We’re here for you

Many medical billing services don’t respond to clients and are lax on customer care. CHRM answers our phone; we offer in-person training or virtual trainings for your front office staff; we answer all provider and patient questions timely and efficiently. When we don’t know the answer to a question, we find out.

Medical billing services can be complicated, and if not done right, costly. Our mission is to provide the best medical billing services for your practice that not only maximizes your revenue cycle, but adds value to your patients. We offer a friendly voice when they have questions, patient explanations, and speedy resolutions to denials and rejections. Our medical billing services team is top-notch. Call us today to see why!


At the end of the day, if you aren’t successful, CHRM isn’t successful. Our mission is to make sure you don’t worry about a thing with your medical billing and coding company, especially when it comes to financials. We provide monthly reports, which help us to see inefficiencies in our process and helps you to see crucial details about your practice.

At CHRM, our mission is to provide your practice or organization with transparency in your medical billing process and in your revenue cycle. Whether this is a one-time consulting project that allows you to make the most informed decision for your practice or a complete partnership where we work with you and your team to refine and stabilize your revenue cycle, we can help.

The difference in using CHRM as a medical billing partner is our talent. We work with leaders and physicians who are looking to combat ever changing reimbursement models in the healthcare industry with proven, logical processes for medical billing that meet your goals.

Medical billing is our passion. Each of our staff strives to be the best at their niche. We offer specialized departments here at Comprehensive Healthcare Revenue Management in order to better serve your medical billing needs: hospital, oncology, free-standing emergency center, physician practices, and orthopedic surgery. Medical billing shouldn’t be a headache. Partner with CHRM, the best medical billing company, in order to see the difference an outsource medical billing company can do for your practice.

Comprehensive Healthcare Revenue Management genuinely hopes our clients become long-term clients who understand how we can help them achieve maximum revenue through medical billing, which can then be reinvested back into patient care equipment. Medical billing is the driving force behind your practice. Partner with us to experience an acceleration of that force. Contact CHRM today!