What services does CHRM provide?

  • Submission of claims daily using E-billing (Clearinghouse TBD)
  • Submission of all paper claims to payers not accepting electronic submission.
  • Submission of all secondary insurance companies on behalf of patients.
  • Follow up on all denials received, matching up of supporting documentation, op reports, chart notes, etc.
  • Rebilling of any appeals or denials for obligated reimbursements
  • Oversight of A/R with a focus on recoupment, opportunities and trending.
  • Preparation and mailing of patient statements, with return envelopes, on a monthly cycle.
  • Data entry of all charges, patient information, authorizations, referrals, and other billing data.
  • All inbound billing calls to Practice answered from 9am-4pm (local time) Mon-Fri. (excluding holidays).
  • Management of patient accounts, including preparation for client decision of collections turnover at 90/120 days.
  • Quarterly analysis of billing, collection and cash flow processes.
  • Posting of all insurance and patient payments and bank deposits will be shared by CHRM and YOUR COMPANY in-house staff.
  • Posting, tracking patient co-pays and insurance payments to patient accounts.
  • Overpayment or Refund processing management.
  • Monthly reporting package submitted by the 5th business day of each month following the close of the previous month, or 3 business days after YOUR COMPANY staff has closed the month.

What types of Medical Billing do you provide services for?

We have 4 departments here at CHRM.
Free-standing Emergency Centers
Physician Practices