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Choosing an outsourced medical billing company is paramount to the success of your medical practice. After all, in order to help the most people, your medical practice needs to keep paying the bills and then some so you can invest in more equipment, more staff, and more services. Having your medical billing outsourced just makes sense when you’re trying to run the daily operations of your medical practice. Delegating is a hallmark of leaders, and medical billing services is a place where delegating just makes sense.

Comprehensive Healthcare Revenue Management is an outsourced medical billing company that offers full-service medical coding and billing for physicians, hospitals, free standing emergency services, and to specialists, from oncologist to orthopedic surgeons. We stand for integrity, honesty, excellence, and transparency in all that we do. In our last blog post, we discussed what to look for in a medical billing company. In this blog post, we’ll offer up even more tips for choosing your outsourced medical biller. Contact us today for a free audit!


Customer Support

Having a responsive outsourced medical billing company is crucial, especially as you are transitioning from in-house medical coding and billing to outsourced medical billing. However, when you have a question or just need clarification, you need to be able to contact your medical coding and biller.

CHRM opererates normal business hours, and we answer our phones promptly. We can get you to the right person so you can get your questions answered, even if it’s just a clarification question on your monthly report. CHRM wants to make sure you are satisfied with our customer support team, and we always welcome feedback.

Know What Your Services Are

Before settling on an outsourced medical biller, you need to compare and evaluate services amongst those whom you are choosing from. You’ll need to be clear on all fees, including any clearinghouse fees, and on what you’ll need to still do within your medical practice. CHRM’s medical coding and billing services are comprehensive, but other medical billers may choose to just do one aspect of medical billing for you.

Security and HIPAA

Keeping patients’ information confidential is the crux of HIPAA and of paramount importance both to you and to your patients. You are entrusting your medical billing company with very sensitive information that you want to make sure is safeguarded. Ask questions such as what specifically do they do to safeguard patients’ information. Do they stay up-to-date on the latest rules and regulations? Do they backup information someplace else, such as the cloud? CHRM is HIPAA-compliant and takes measures to safeguard all of your patients’ data. Call for more details.

Maximizing the Revenue Cycle

We’ve talked a lot about specifics with regards to choosing an outsourced medical biller, such as technology usage and reputation. However, the real reason you’ve chosen to outsource your medical billing needs is to maximize your revenue cycle. You’ll want to ensure that your chosen medical biller has all of the steps in the medical coding and billing process down, from submitting the actual claims and following up, to the processing of payments, sending out patient invoices, and maximizing accounts receivable. There are so many steps to the revenue cycle (even more if a claim is denied or rejected) that it can be easy to miss one. Ask your potential revenue cycle management company what are their processes in place to ensure no step is missed and to ensure timely billing as well.

Perks & Differences

All medical billing companies are a little bit different in their offerings. Not only is it important to find out what services they offer, but it’s also important to find out what medical coding and billing perks they offer that others don’t. For example, do they offer payment reminders through their medical billing software? Do they have one person who is assigned to your account as a point of contact who knows your practice specifically? Does your medical billing company offer payment options? In a field full of competent medical billing companies, why choose this one over another? These perks or differences can be the tipping point in your decision.


CHRM, simply put, is a medical biller that cares. While we are excellent at medical coding and billing, maximizing revenue cycles, and preparing comprehensive monthly reports and stats on denials, submissions, and cash flow, we know that a medical billing company is more than just getting the job done. Our mission is to establish long-term relationships with our clients so we can truly get to know the ins and outs of your particular medical practice, patient needs, and claims processes. We aim to put a personal touch on the numbers side of medical billing by helping you truly understand the process and be satisfied with the service we offer.

CHRM works hard to live up to our promised results. We have an extremely well-versed denial management team who works hard to collect on denials and rejections. We are a small business as well so we understand that every penny truly does matter. Because we want you to be satisfied with your medical coding and billing service, we offer no long-term contracts, and you can take your data with you. CHRM puts the charm into your medical billing needs. Call us today for a free audit!