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Outsourcing medical billing is a must in this day and age. From focusing on patient care and experience to managing all of the back office paperwork and tests, most medical practices have enough to do without worrying about billing. Plus, errors in medical billing and coding are costly and result in long delays of payments, which only negatively impacts the bottom line for medical billers.

Comprehensive Healthcare Medical Billing (CHRM) is the best medical billing company. We offer transparency, honesty, integrity, and excellence in all that we do. We specialize in orthopedic medical billing and oncology medical billing in order to make your medical billing and coding service even more efficient. Below, we’ll take a look at some tips to help you choose the right medical billing service for you. Contact us today to get started!



When choosing outsourced medical billing, you’ll want to look for a medical billing company with experience. Medical billing and coding is a complicated process where one transposed number or letter can result in weeks of delayed payment. You want a medical billing company that has experience in the entire process, from working with you and your staff to filing the actual billing claims through the billing software, as well as effectively communicating with insurance companies, especially when medical billing errors do occur. Everyone makes mistakes; it’s taking steps to minimize those mistakes that are key.

CHRM has years of experience in the medical billing and coding service industry. We focus on forming long term relationships with our clients so we can better serve their needs over time. We use integrity, honesty, excellence, and transparency as our guiding tenets in all that we do.


A medical billing company should have a strong reputation both in the medical billing community and with their customers. Check out online reviews, visit their social media outlets, and see what others are saying about them. The last thing you want is an unresponsive medical biller.

CHRM is a responsive medical billing company, meaning we put customers first in all that we do. We keep our communication channels open, and we offer training or physician’s staff in order to better facilitate medical billing. Our mission is to see you succeed.

ICD-10 Knowledge

Knowledge of ICD-10 is absolutely critical in a superb medical billing company. ICD-10 are the international codes for the classification of healthcare services, including for births and deaths. Maintained by the World Health Organization (WHO), this system not only helps with medical billing, but it’s a way to track the occurrence of diseases worldwide. In the United States, in order to be HIPAA compliant, you must use ICD-10 codes. ICD-11 will come into effect in 2022, which is intended to make the codes much easier for our digital age.

CHRM ensures on-going training of our staff in order to stay abreast of the changing in codes and in order to ensure they are used correctly.

Technology Usage

Most medical billing companies have stepped up to the digital age, and they use technology, including medical billing software programs, in order to file medical claims, track them, and help with rejections or denials. If you are already using a medical billing software program and want to continue to do so, speak with medical billers to see if they use the same software. If not, see if their software is compatible with yours.

CHRM is not tied to any one software system. You can keep your EHR in place if you so desire, or change to a new one. CHRM will work with you on what is the best fit for your medical practice.

Speciality Medical Billing

The ICD-10 is a huge set of medical billing codes that requires extensive knowledge and expertise to navigate. For specialties, it is helpful to have a medical biller who knows your particular set of medical billing codes in order to help expedite claims and processes.

At CHRM, we have special departments dedicated to our specialities. These include physicians, hospital billing, emergency services, and oncology. We also have specialists on our staff for orthopedic clinics as well. This allows us to be more efficient in our claims processes and make very little mistakes as well.


Comprehensive Healthcare Revenue Management hopes to make the physician’s life easier, no matter what specialty you are in. We offer medical billing departments with medical coders specifically assigned to your practice in order to maximize your medical revenue cycle. We understand how important medical billing is to the operation of your practice, and we do everything possible to ensure your medical billing is accurate with minimal denials and resubmissions.

CHRM requires no long-term contracts to our physicians, confident in our ability to provide you with superior outsourced medical billing services, preferring only a notice period. Our hospital and ASC clients do require a two-year commitment. When you use outsourced medical billing services, you are hiring experts to handle your billing so you can focus on your practice. CHRM cares. We offer a free audit of your existing medical billing costs in order to see if outsourced medical billing would make sense for your practice.

CHRM’s commitment to transparency, honesty, integrity, and excellence puts our outsourced medical billing services a cut above the rest. Contact us today for a free audit!