Any good business is always looking for efficiencies and improvements to processes in order to stretch their dollars and improve their bottom lines. Medical billing companies are no exceptions. Comprehensive Healthcare Revenue Management is the best medical billing company. We are dedicated to helping physicians, oncologists, orthopedic surgeons, hospitals, and free standing emergency centers maximize their revenue cycles so these healthcare providers can continue to grow and prosper while helping prioritizing patient care. Outsourcing medical billing is a great way to relieve stress of payments from physicians and their team.

In this blog post, we’ll review some tips that your medical biller can take to streamline the medical billing practice. Contact us today for all your medical billing needs!


  • Read your electronic submission reports. When you submit medical claims, you’ll get an emailed verification. At the end of the month, you should receive a submission report that is useful to verify claims and ensure they were received and processed by the insurance company. If you notice an error in these reports, you can immediately resubmit the claim without waiting for an official denial. Claims being denied can take two to four weeks. If the insurance company never received the claim and you didn’t check the electronic submission report, it will take a lifetime of waiting. Maximize your revenue cycle by working these reports.
  • Look at your denials. Denials for medical billers are like cleaning the bathroom at home — you put it off and put it off until it can’t be put off anymore. For many medical billers, denials hold the same aversion, and thus can be shoved under a pile of papers for weeks. However, there’s money in those denials, and as a top-notch medical biller such as CHRM, you have to work them in order to benefit your clients. Oftentimes, it’s a simple error that doesn’t take all that long to fix, either by you or the insurance company. If you make it a part of your everyday routine (and it doesn’t have to be that long either), you won’t mind denials at all!
  • Use the appeals process when warranted. The appeals process exists for the same reason it exists in the court system — sometimes you just get it wrong. Follow the stated guidelines for medical claims appeals thoroughly since every insurance company may have a bit of a different policy. Submit, and wait and see. You never know, and every penny you recover for your medical billing clients can add up quickly!
  • Stay up to speed on medical billing changes. Medical billing laws can seem like a revolving door sometimes. This is why it’s critical to stay abreast of the changes because odds are some of the insurance companies are not up to speed. You could be receiving more denials than need be, and this can rack up fast in medical billing. There are websites where you can sign up for billing and coding, as well as many newsletters and organizations you can join. CHRM invests heavily in our medical billing staff’s training so we stay abreast of all the changes. We don’t want our customers to miss out on one penny due to a changed law.


Comprehensive Healthcare Revenue Management promises to be the best medical biller for you. We ensure your revenue cycle is maximized by working our denials and appeals, staying abreast of the latest in medical billing laws, and analyzing our electronic submission reports thoroughly. We are always looking for ways to innovate and improve our processes, and we love ideas and feedback from our clients on what they want to see. If you need a medical billing service, contact us today!