Medical billing is a daunting task. With so many medical codes to keep up with, the changing regulations and laws, and the fact that one minor switch in letters or numbers ends up with a denied claim, there is a strong argument to be made for outsourcing medical billing.

Comprehensive Healthcare Revenue Management (CHRM) is a medical billing and coding company that specializes in oncology medical billing and orthopedic medical billing, as well as physician billing, free-standing emergency room billing, and hospital billing. We understand how difficult medical billing can be for your practice, so we’re here to help. Below, we’ll go over some tips patients can employ in order to expedite the medical billing process and result in less errors and denials. Contact us today to get started!


  • Verify all information. It can be easy to gloss over those pages your medical doctor hands you to fill out every time you go to the doctor’s office, or to not listen to the front desk staff when they ask you to verify your information. After all, it rarely changes — and that’s what causes the problems because you  forget you switched insurance companies, or your kids are now on a new policy. It’s easy to do, and unfortunately, this often yields a health insurance denial. In order to expedite the medical billing process, it’s important that you update your doctor with any changes every time you go.
  • Ask your questions at the doctor’s office. Often, patients receive medical bills in the mail, stating what was covered and not covered by their insurance provider and are confused. They immediately call their doctor’s office who then usually transfers them to the billing department, or if they are outsourcing medical billing, to their medical billing company, such as CHRM. While we love to answer patients’ questions with regard to their medical bill, there can be confusion on what exact services they received. This then leads to a follow-up phone call to the doctor’s office and then back to the patient. Patients can eliminate these steps by asking the doctor or nurse what exactly they are being billed for and what tests are being performed.
  • Carefully reading the statement that comes from your insurance provider before you receive your final bill from your doctor. Most insurance providers mail out a summary of the services you had done, the date they were performed, and the amount that they covered and did not cover, if applicable. All too often, these statements from your insurance company are ignored, or they are not read because they often come with a bunch of privacy notices and other unimportant paperwork, so patients feel overwhelmed by the whole process. It’s important to read these over carefully. Often, you’ll find explanations in the fine print, or you can make a quick phone call to your insurance provider for clarification. The sooner you catch any mistakes, the better it is overall for your healthcare provider.
  • Carefully reading the bill that comes from your doctor’s office. Often, it’s easy to open up a doctor’s bill, read that you owe an outstanding amount, and pick up the phone to call your medical biller for an explanation. CHRM loves to help patients understand their bill; however, it is often explained on the bill itself what was covered and not covered, as well as you options for payment. We encourage you to first read your billing statement in its entirety before calling your doctor’s office or medical biller.


Comprehensive Healthcare Revenue Management offers the best medical billing and coding services. Our mission is to help you with your outsourced medical billing so you can focus on patient care. We handle the nitty-gritty of all aspects of medical billing, from submitting medical claims and tracking patients’ co-pays and insurance payments to appealing denials and submitting appeals. We stay abreast of all the changes in the medical billing codes, and we invest heavily in employee training so you have the most experienced and knowledgeable medical billing experts in your corner. Although we do have our medical billing specialties (oncology, orthopedic surgeons, free standing emergency services, physician billing, and hospital billing), we accept all medical specialties.

At CHRM, we abide by our four major tenets: transparency, honesty, integrity, and excellence in all that we do. From answering patients’ questions to rebilling when medical billing mistakes are made, we provide you with top-notch medical billing service. We submit you a monthly report so you can see exactly where you stand, as well as a quarterly analysis of medical billing, collecting, and cash flow processes. Our promise to you is to maximize your revenue cycle so you can maximize the customer experience. Contact us today to get started with medical billing services!