1. The Most Common Reason for Insurance Claim Denials

    When an insurance claim is denied, it can be really difficult to appeal. Once a claim is marked as unpayable, an appeal needs to discuss why it was marked as such as well as prove why the medical claim should be approved. Prepare yourself with these most common reasons for medical claim denials and …Read More

  2. Differences Between a Rejection and Denial in Medical Billing

    Medical billing companies have a lot of responsibilities, from submitting medical claims to insurance companies to resubmitting denials and processing billing collections. Sometimes the jargon can be overwhelming, due to the vast tasks that are required and the terminology-heavy industry. So when it…Read More

  3. Leveraging Telemedicine for a More Profitable Practice

    In a recent blog post, we discussed how COVID-19 has changed revenue cycle management in the United States, and how outsourcing your medical billing and coding can help your healthcare practice weather this unprecedented crisis. One of the main points we touched upon is telehealth services, which ha…Read More

  4. Changes in the ICD-11 Classification of Mental Disorders

    All medical billing and coding professionals must be highly familiar with the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) diagnostic tool in order to properly bill their patients. Currently, the ICD-10, officially implemented in the United States in 2015, is used as the global standard for medica…Read More

  5. 5 Signs It’s Time to Outsource Your Medical Billing

    Medical billing and coding can be a hassle for even the most seasoned healthcare professional. With thousands of ever-changing medical codes and regulations to navigate, finding time to get all claims filed correctly can feel impossible. That’s where Comprehensive Healthcare Revenue Management (CH…Read More

  6. Medical Billing Glossary Part 2

    In this blog, we share some everyday terminology to help you better understand the medical billing process. Medical billing is a complex field that requires knowledgeable professionals, such as our team of certified medical billers and coders at Comprehensive Healthcare Revenue Management (CHRM), to…Read More

  7. medical terminology chrm

    Medical Billing Glossary Part 1

    It seems every industry has their own language, so to speak. From acronyms that bring to mind other things you know to words that mean one thing to you but  are completely different to medical billers, medical billing is no exception when it comes to having their own language. Comprehensive Healthc…Read More

  8. choosing medical biller chrm

    What to Look for in a Medical Billing Company, Part 2

    Choosing an outsourced medical billing company is paramount to the success of your medical practice. After all, in order to help the most people, your medical practice needs to keep paying the bills and then some so you can invest in more equipment, more staff, and more services. Having your medical…Read More

  9. choosing a medical biller chrm

    What to Look for in a Medical Billing Company, Part 1

    Outsourcing medical billing is a must in this day and age. From focusing on patient care and experience to managing all of the back office paperwork and tests, most medical practices have enough to do without worrying about billing. Plus, errors in medical billing and coding are costly and result in…Read More